Happy Hour

Happy Hour 2.5

In Happy Hour 1.0 we are awarded a Cocktail-O-Matic 6000, and a free bar
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Happy Hour 1.0is a time management game developed by CCCP Games and published by iWin Inc.
In the beginning of Happy Hour 1.0 we are awarded a Cocktail machine, the Cocktail-O-Matic 6000, and a free bar, John Doe's. We decide to run John Doe's. To earn money we must serve customers and satisfy all their needs as fast as possible to get the best possible tips. We must use the cocktail machine to get the exact cocktails that customers demand by using the correct doses of the different ingredients.
Happy Hour features great graphics. In addition to this, music is really awesome. Sound effects are not bad. The whole game is quite average but the great music and graphics help to get a pleasant gaming experience. Nevertheless, I must say that there's are lots of similar time management games that are much better than this one. In conclusion, this is a good game, but not the best of its kind.
Happy Hour 1.0 is a full featured time limited trial version. This trial version will stop working after 60 minutes. To keep playing the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Great music and graphics


  • There are lots of similar games which are better than this one (Cake Mania, Turbo Fiesta,...)
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